Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Zululand Orphan Project - Make Good Work

We're back from the rolling hills of Northern Zululand. The Nongoma scattering of kraals and huts that form the community was so grateful to receive the blankets and clothes that you all donated. It really was hard not to shed tears as these little kids came forward to collect their blanket. We had approached the local Chief and his two wives who assembled a list of the all the orphans and most needy families in the community. The good news is there were not as many orphans as I thought, the bad was the whole community is one of great need.

In order to make this contribution work, we decided that in return for the blankets and clothes we would ask that all the litter be picked up and local indigenous seeds be collected and trees planted. We wanted to instill the message of conservation and support not aid and handouts. This was warmly understood and appreciated.

There are a lot of learning’s and observations from this week, which I will write up properly and for those that are interested I’ll post on my blog.

The success of this little project is really down to all the kind souls who donated money and clothes, thank you once again. I thought of you all as I looked that these dust covered faces and wished you were with me in person.

I had some wonderful helpers supporting the handout on the day – Sponele and Msimung from the area who handled the community interaction with grace and kindness. Paula, Will and Julia Harvey for photography, catering and being part of the crew happily. Lily, Mia and Adam Collins for embracing the little kids with love and kindness. Adam provided the dance entertainment. Gogo Phlly and Nontando for their gentle navigating and rallying. George Collins for being the most enthusiastic travel companion and making everyday a party.

The pics tell it all. Thank you again and I’ll keep you posted on where to from here. With love and thanks Gesh


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